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Rubber Band Gun V3 


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Rubber Band Gun V3 

Written By: Tom 


Sander (1) 

Sandpaper (1) 

Table saw (if you have one), or you 
could use a bandsaw, or the old 
fashioned hand saw (1) 


Wood clothespin (2) 
Screws or nails (1) 
Thin plywood (1) 


Have fun and be careful out there! 

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Rubber Band Gun V3 

Step 1 — Rubber Band Gun V3 

• Sorry, I don't have any pics from when I was building it so I'm describing it as best I can 

Step 2 

• To load it, hook a rubber band over 
the notch at the end and stretch it 
over near the clothespin. 

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Rubber Band Gun V3 

Step 3 

# Clip the rubber band in one of the clothespins. Repeat with another rubber band, using the 
other clothespin. 

• Make sure the rubber bands are held properly, otherwise the gun could fire 


Step 4 

• To fire, simply press open the clothespin and see how far the rubber band goes! 

• Do not point or fire at anyone without asking. 


Have fun! There will be another one coming soon! 

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